Disgusting! Breaking Tradition Nasty Barack Obama will Deliver His Convention Speech at Revolutionary War Museum! — Will Trash His President Trump

Barack Obama will slam President Trump in his DNC convention speech that will air tonight.

Barack Obama will deliver his unprecedented attacks from the Revolutionary War Museum in Philadelphia.

This is more than just a dog whistle.
BLM and Antifa are pushing for a revolution in cities across the country.
Obama will feed their fury tonight.

This is the same president who spied on President Trump, his Transition Team and then his presidency.

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The man is pure evil.

Via The Daily Mail:

Former President Barack Obama will deliver a harsh assessment of President Donald Trump and pledge that Joe Biden will lead the country ‘out of dark times’ in an address set at the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia Wednesday night.

There, he’ll vouch for his ‘friend’ and ‘brother,’ former Vice President Joe Biden, while casting President Trump as a man who has never taken his job seriously or done it well.

‘He’s shown no interest in putting in the work, no interest in finding common ground, no interest in using the awesome power of his office to help anyone but himself and his friends,’ Obama will say in remarks to the virtual Democratic National Convention. ‘No interest in treating the presidency as anything but one more reality show that he can use to get the attention he craves.’

President Trump responded he was standing in the White House because of Obama and, if the former president had done a better job, he wouldn’t have run.

‘President Obama did not do a good job. And the reason I’m here is because of President Obama and Joe Biden, because if they did a good job, I wouldn’t be here,’ he said at his Wednesday evening press conference when asked about Obama’s remarks.

‘Probably if they did a good job I wouldn’t have even run. I would have been very happy. I enjoyed my previous life very much, but they did such a bad job that I stand before you as president,’ he added.

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