Trump Attempted To Upstage Biden And Harris But CNN And MSNBC Ignored Him

Trump tried to upstage Joe Biden adding Kamala Harris to the Democratic ticket, but CNN and MSNBC did not cover his White House event.

As Trump was talking this is what was on CNN and MSNBC:

CNN MSNBC Ignore Trump Press Conference After Biden Picks Harris
CNN MSNBC Ignore Trump Press Conference After Biden Picks Harris

There is no reason for the cable news networks to cover Trump’s fake coronavirus press conferences. Trump talks about everything else, but the pandemic at these events, and he has been repeating the same cherry-picked propaganda for days about his administration’s response.

Trump opened Tuesday’s press conference with a rant about violence and looting in Democratic cities:

Trump tried to upstage Biden and Harris, but the television networks aren’t all taking the bait. There is no bigger sign that Trump is increasingly irrelevant than the fact that he is holding a press conference, and the cable news networks outside of his beloved Fox News are talking about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and not paying attention to his needy stunt.

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