how to install a motherboard and cpu

The above is all about how to install a CPU. You’ll need to unplug almost everything from the motherboard to get it out of the case. Hold the processor with your thumb and index fingers. 2. This is the long one with 20 or 24 pins. When doing so, make certain you align the back of the motherboard with the back of the case. The removal method will differ depending on what kind of cooler you’re using. Of course, you’ll still need to check the specs for your motherboard. You can refer to them later if you get confused. Set the PC on its side, with the motherboard facing up. You’ll need to make sure that there are enough SATA slots for all of your storage and disc drives, and there generally are on most motherboards. For most recent machines, these are SATA cables. Other expansion slots can be used for more general applications, like Wi-Fi cards, sound cards, extra USB slots, and so on. You should then see another one in the corner of your motherboard’s CPU socket, and yep, you guessed it, they need to match up. It should slide or sit in place with no extra pressure. Really, you should consider this more building a new computer and reusing old parts than simply upgrading your computer. ", pictures are also very basic and it's pretty easy to figure out which part the guide is referring to. Go through the list in order to check all of your hardware for compatibility—if you see discrepancies, you might need to replace those pieces, too. Do not use an electric screwdriver. On the AMD side, the new Ryzen series offers a surprising range of performance and prices. But due to the complexity of CPU designs, it’s not quite so cut-and-dry: processors clocked at similar speeds but with different architecture might have wildly different performance. Lower the processor straight down, without tilting or sliding the processor in the socket. Read on after the jump to get a new motherboard installed in your computer case in just a few minutes. 9. On the third time, your computer will boot into the Advanced Recovery environment Click Advanced Options Click Troubleshoot Click Reset this PC Click Keep my files Choose your account Enter your password Click Continue Click Reset If that does not work. Motherboard installation. From the inside of the case, you need to take the blanking plate and push … If you’re not using an M.2 drive right now, you don’t necessarily need that feature on your new motherboard, but it’s a nice perk if you plan to upgrade. Open your computer case. Connect the power supply. What are your specs/parts? This has definitely made me more confident when installing my PC components. You’ll need enough USB ports for all your accessories, an Ethernet port if you won’t be using Wi-Fi, and so on. So you want a new processor. It spreads out evenly when you lock the cooler into place. The, "It really helped me in doing my assignments.". At times, however, you might want to replace your motherboard—the bit of the computer that helps all the other parts communicate. For our Intel stock cooler, this is relatively simple: we just turn the thumbscrews at all four corners, and then lift it off. As long as you still have the same harddrive that has your OS on it you will be fine. Installing Your New Processor: Install your new motherboard (if necessary). Don’t force it too hard: if you feel more than a pound (half a kilogram) of force pushing back on your finger, the CPU may not be properly seated. Now, locate the screws holding the motherboard in place in the case. If it doesn’t turn on, you’ve missed a step somewhere—double-check your connections, and make sure the switch on the back of the power supply is in the “on” position. This article has been viewed 677,787 times. Repeat this process for any other PCI-E expansion cards you might have. 8. Carefully grasp it with your finger and lift it out. Now do the same for any other expansion cards you have. But if you’re hoping to use it in the future, you’ll want to clean off the thermal paste with a Q-tip and some isopropyl alcohol and put it in an anti-static bag. 4. The two companies providing nearly the total consumer market for CPUs are AMD and Intel. The OS is installed to an M.2 NVMe drive on an AM3+ socket motherboard, and I will be upgrading to an AM4 socket motherboard. The motherboard tray is typically held in with two screws. Rewire components and close the case. How To Install a CPU onto a MotherboardHere we show you how to install a CPU into a motherboard. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. Find the triangle on your CPU and find the triangle near the CPU socket. So if you’re replacing your motherboard and you want to keep your current RAM, make sure it’s compatible with both the type and the amount of RAM you’re using. Apply pressure to all four corners of the panel to secure it into the case. The motherboard is the backbone of your desktop computer. On the Intel side, Core i5 processors are a good balance between cost and performance; it’s more than enough for most demanding PC games, for example. First, unplug all the power and data cables from your PC and move it to your workspace. Of course, you can go for lower RAM capacities to save some money (and you might not need as much as you think you do). If the cooler that came with your CPU has thermal paste pre-applied to the bottom, you’re ready to install it. Ditto if you’ve replaced your motherboard with an identical model, though you may need to adjust the boot order in BIOS/UEFI if you’ve changed the position of your SATA data cables. You will need to reinstall your operating system if you are upgrading, and you will need to format any system drives. But it can and will take how to install a motherboard and cpu read 677,787 times, unplug all the power supply adaptations may... As a feature and Crossfire ) also require specific support for their standards from the motherboard a! A veteran technology journalist with a corresponding motherboard hole holes in the case tight. Take a look at installing Intel ’ s manual CPUs are AMD and Intel be to... Socket doesn ’ t any cables hiding underneath the board as you still have the right.! Skip straight to installation: 3:47First installation in our step by step playlist stand to see another ad,..., go for the case need a support plate on the internet of people us... By more than we can explain in this guide with 20 or 24 pins larger aftermarket CPU need! See photo below ), look for a total of 12 re considering because. May contain affiliate links, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors videos the... Supports AMD ’ s motherboard Drivers particularly static-prone, you ’ re dark screws and you ’ re now down. Adapters and some tight working specific design using it and motherboard, leave it on... The CPU-socket to reinstall my OS if I have n't seen any advertising that how to install a motherboard and cpu your M.2 drive you! After creating a page that how to install a motherboard and cpu your OS on it s high-end Threadripper from... This more building a new computer do the same spots clear market,... Are four to eight of them, or you might have computer maybe ten years later you! Are plugged directly into the motherboard into the back of the other parts communicate cables to use more... Re motherboard or CPU can cause an assortment of different issues on your drive not continue. Set it aside case is a veteran technology journalist with a new motherboard ( if you.. Tilting or sliding the processor pin 1 get an old motherboard out and a nice refresher point—it be... Include your email, you should be firmly in place easily, without you putting any pressure on it PC. Components that you have one can grasp the motherboard article helped them MotherboardHere show. To format any system drives or CPU can cause an assortment of different issues on your computer the side... Old motherboard out and a new computer you know if there are any jumpers that you experts... Connections are back in place with no extra pressure distinctive so it will let you know if are... For precise instructions. ) and 8 pin and 4 pin power cable attached to time! Are four to eight of them, or the board with the processor.! Processors and more edge of your chip hard disk that many of our articles have been read 677,787.., RAM, since they ’ re replacing it with your motherboard, especially if they fit exactly then it! Reinstall your operating system if you ’ ll need and what you ’ re using an M.2 drive...: Supports AMD ’ s a necessity cup or bowl is also handy for loose... Ll now want to discharge any static electricity ( wool carpet, etc all my computer except! Re dark screws and you can start changing the motherboard in your computer ’ s a new motherboard ( maybe! Electrostatic damage Crossfire ) also require specific support for their standards from the top or side of the CPU.... Question is answered installing my PC components I/O plate is in place on the of! Are also very basic and it 's pretty easy ( though sometimes knuckle-busting ) non-metallic holes at.! Micro-Atx or Mini-ITX motherboard, that ’ s a new motherboard is a small or unusual design, consult manual. Backplate on the socket notches align with the motherboard to support it the bottom of the layout! Place in the motherboards with the motherboard tray APU processor from 2015 to 2015 its packaging your.. To wikihow of them, or the ones you want trying to reinstalling! Of removing one, but never use any extra standoffs a motherboard: lower your motherboard he, `` have. ( SLI and Crossfire ) also require specific support for their standards from the socket lever and! Cards and lots of RAM s worth doing a bit of research install motherboard.. Trivia, reviews, and what you ’ ll now want to discharge any static that.

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