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Knowing which golf club to use for a particular shot can be challenging. A key stat associated with all of the above is proximity to the hole – how close can you hit the ball with your approach shots? You will normally have a driver, a fairway wood or two, possibly a few hybrids, your irons, wedges, and a putter.What this means is that you have to understand each club in your arsenal and know the distance they can deliver. Be the first to rate this post. Starting a hole with long drive is important as it makes approach shots easier. If all else stays equal, an increased club head speed leads to increased ball speed and increased distance. Quick Tip: This is how you can quickly improve your swing and distance. You can use a PW for long distance chips from the sand rough, as well as chip and run shots onto the green. Theoretically, you are right to assume that mastering club head speed should be top of this list. Golf Club Distances Guide; Averages | Charts | Cheat Sheet - Golf … However, with a little estimation and the table below, you’ll be using the right club in no time. My personal preference for increasing distance is to place the golf ball 1 – 2 inches back in my stance and close the club face 1 – 2 degrees before gripping the golf club. The lob wedge is club used for only rare occasions. For now, be aware of your club head speed – try to play most iron shots at 75 – 85% of max to better control your club head speed. This is a basic but simple enough measurement to use for competing. Applying information gathered from creating a Golf Club Distance Chart will definitely have a positive effect on your golf game!. At the end of this article there is a golf club distance calculator and a simple guide to work out your own detailed golf club distances. Quick Tip: Why I prefer a 44″ Driver Shaft Length to a 43″. Thanks again! Blown Fuse: The EXGO RXV usually has a 15amp fuse. Practice is the answer, and this can be done on the golf range or golf course. Focusing on swing accuracy will always produce the best results! These units use the same technology that you’ll find in the GPS used in cars. As woods are used for shorter distances to the green, accuracy is a far more important factor when using woods. If you do visit a golf course that has not chosen to share their course map data, then you won’t be able to use your GPS on that particular course. Brands such as Garmin and TomTom are in this space, along with dedicated sport companies like GolfBuddy and Bushnell. An answer most golfers want to know early on in their golfing journey is, “how far should I hit my golf clubs”. However, I would say under 5% would be excellent, 5 – 10 % would still be pretty handy. Usually the target location will be set to the centre of the green, but you can change this if you wish to. Below is my preferred option for increasing the distance you hit a golf club. Here is the average golf club distance to … They cover shorter distances. We call the loft you have at impact your ‘dynamic loft’ (red arrow below). While this is only approximate, it has been tested by a large cross section of golfers … Irons. However if your bad shots are a fade, you may be best sticking to gripping down the golf club and keeping the club face square to your target. I would certainly pick a hybrid for more difficult. There are three critical launch parameters we’ll discuss – ball speed, launch angle and spin rate. SW756554 – 59 Degrees On average, an amateur golfer with some experience should drive the ball at least 190 yards long. What I want to be able to do is have the front sheet showing the average distance per club and have a sheet per visit to the driving range. The flag stick location, bunkers and water hazards are all displayed if you choose the right watch. is participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Programme. This is the main reason slicing loses you distance, and drawing increases your distance – club loft and ball launch – not some magical spin imparted on your shots. In the following section we discuss club head speed further, particularly when looking at golf swing tweaks you can use to scale up and down your distance control. You’ll need a distinct golf club for a determined shot. 7-Wood16011826 – 29 Degrees While some people may replace their driver for a 3-wood if they are having a bad performance with their driver. If you slice/hook your golf shots varying amounts each time you hit a golf ball, it will be because your club face varies each shot and is more open/closed through impact. Most range balls are similar and fly 80 or 90% of total distance. This is a simple calculator to provide guidance on how far you will hit different clubs. Hi there. If you’re after a more convenient way of measuring your golf ball distance, a GPS smart watch is the perfect option. Would you mind sharing it to help me grow this site? Click here to find out. Click the button below to download – it looks a bit rustic, but it provides good data. On a par 5 course you may find yourself reaching for the 5-wood on your 2nd shot. 9-Wood15011530 – 34 Degrees The first number is for lower-speed swingers (less than 85 mph with the driver), followed by medium (86-104 mph) and high-speed (105+ mph) swingers. As the name suggests, the sand wedge is the club you’ll use when your ball is stuck in a bunker. Irons are used for shots when the ball is 200 yards from … If not, it might be worth spending $40 to get on a trackman, if you do, check the climate conditions it is set to and grab a screenshot of your data. Average golf club distance chart. I always tell new players to aim for (110 yards for females) and (160 yards for males). Of course, when talking about 5 wood versus a 5 hybrid, the 20 yard decrease in distance means you’ll be using these clubs for shorter distance shots. The main reason your EZGO RXV golf cart horn might not be working can be because of a blown fuse or a damaged relay socket. It would be a mistake to finish up this article without a quick discussion on the importance of club fitting in the big picture of your golf game. The spreadsheet can be uniquely branded with your own photographs, advertisements and logos. When we compare distance, loft and speed, we use the 7 iron as the base measurement. Some mats add more spin and will reduce your overall distance, hitting off some mats you get the opposite effect – the ball pops off with no spin and will go further. PW907547 – 53 Degrees This small tweak means you can still make a positive, committed swing with no additional changes. Callaway Strata Review – Should You Buy them? The first part of this article gives you average golf club distance charts for men, women and senior players. I play my winters in Southern California, altitude 475ft. Golf Club Distances [Tables & Calculator] – Golf Insider UK For instance, let’s say you’re physically female, aged 30-49, an average height and heavier than average weight, with a skilled, aggressive play style, very good golf mechanics that comes from frequent training and practice, with an average distance of 170 … The greater the angle on the club face, the more distance can be produced. Below is a graphic taken from a Trackman article. 13. 8-Wood15511729 – 32 Degrees You can read a full rangefinder review here, or check out the TecTecTec for a great value option and the Bushnell for my personal favourite. If you require pinpoint accuracy, you’ll instead want to choose a laser rangefinder device. This calculator is designed to give the approximate distance that you can expect from each club in your bag, based on the input values given. Furthermore, a 7 Iron shot should send the ball flying at least 120 yards. While all this data is certainly helpful to measure golf distance, handheld GPS units do have one disadvantage over laser rangefinders. Single-length irons do offer more consistent performance which makes your improvements easier to notice. Like the handheld GPS devices, watches display much of the same data. While single-length irons are another option, this means each club will be the exact same length. The common approach is to make no technical alterations, just to think ‘swing gentler at the golf ball’. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. While I cannot tell you how far you should be hitting your golf balls, we can use some averages to see if you’re behind or ahead of the average for your skill level. You are not alone with your situation. This is the most important fact to take away from this article: There is no wrong golf club distance, there is only your distance. Whether it is a flag stick or a tree, the device cannot lock onto thin air. Average Loft (LW): 62 degrees Would you mind helping me improve this article? More backspin will result in golf shots that rise during their fight and subsequently reduce the distance the ball will travel. For example, point it at the flag pole and the device will create a tracking point from where you’re standing to the flag pole. Golf Club average distances. 45 to 64 degrees of loft can be found on wedges, making these clubs perfect for producing shots with significant height. You can find all levels of golfers using handheld GPS units, laser rangefinders, smart watches and GPS phone apps on a course to measure their personal distance. For a golf course with mainly green fee players, the cost is even less. 1.5 is the maximum value when you pinpoint the centre of the club face with a driver (100mph club head speed = 150mph ball speed). Should averages off mats be reduced by a certain %? Compared to most online golf score trackers, the spreadsheet is very basic.But, it does let you easily chart your golf scores for individual courses and it shows your handicap index and the course handicap on the chart. Why I prefer a 44″ Driver Shaft Length to a 43″, Is a 3 Wood or  a 5 Wood better? A rangefinder gives you precise data on of far you have to your target. As expected the jump from children playing golf to the 20 to 30 years old group experienced the largest increase in distance. The longest drive is achieved by golfers in the 20 to 30 years old age bracket. It shows the shot distribution from 160 yards for a 15 handicapper. (Yards)Women When you’re first starting out in golf, distance is nowhere near as important as accuracy. Recommended Use:  Chipping. GPS units are perhaps the most common device golfer’s use to measure how far away an exact location on the course is. This is the best driver shaft length to gain maximum distance! Does your golf ball travel further in the cold or warm weather? This means you should hit a driver at least 200 yards to be considered a good golf player. You can expect a distance of 100 to 100 yards when using a pitching wedge. How to Hit It Like Tiger Woods, Why You Can’t Hit Your Hybrid (and How to Hit Them Better! Driver2001508 – 13 Degrees Just aim 2 – 3 yards further left to allow for a small fade. If a course changes its layout, or moves bunker to a different location, the change may not show up on your GPS. Aside from distance, speed of the ball is also affected. Choose a hybrid for shots from the rough, sand and on any uneven ground. Any ideas are appreciated. penalty strokes you are hybrids really need a percentage is required. Then try to gauge your yardages out on the course with a rangefinder once the weather gets better. This can help you to choose which club to use when you are a certain distance from the green. This isn’t a concern for most golfers, but as you approach a sub-5 handicap, this is an area to really focus on for all shots you hit from 50 – 150 yards. The first option is to take grab the longer club and to take some distance off. This is a very simple Hub. Most courses in my area do not have nice practice balls or have typical range ball issues–old, been in the weather (ie wet, cold, etc) or other factors that impact carry. Learn how your comment data is processed. Golf rules dictate that you may only carry a maximum of 14 clubs for a round of golf. In the golfing world, the 7 iron has become the standard club that all golf measurements adhere to. No doubt increasing the yards of your golf drive is an objective every golfer has. Article by Zelda Smit. This indicates that most golfers could lower their scores, with no real swing changes, just a better understanding of their golf club distances. For all the benefits that they offer, a little inaccuracy isn’t going to affect the average golfers performance and enjoyment while playing. A third option is to spend the next few weeks working on improving your strike and trajectory control. If you are using normal golf balls and strike the ball cleanly there shouldn’t be much difference (range balls fly up to 20% shorter). This club is used to hit very high lob shots, primarily over steep upward hills on the course. 6-Iron15011033 – 36 Degrees This can work, but often results in a less committed golf swing and some wayward shots. If you are mega keen, you could google the range ball make and find some details, they tend to tell you key aspects about the ball spec. The average distance when using a wood is 220 yards. 4-Wood17512515 – 19 Degrees The sand wedge and pitching wedge are the clubs you’ll use most often for chipping. Average Distance (PW): 100 yards (men), 85 yards (women) The rest of this article will … 5-Wood17012020 – 23 Degrees Hello, love your website. I´m starting playing golf and it was difficult finding the average golf club distances in meters. LPGA pros hit 230 to 270 yards on average. If you would like a free article like this one emailed to you every Monday, come join the Golf Insider weekly post. Knowing your golf club distances is a critical component in being able to perform on the golf course. I immediately thought of Excel as I can input from my Android device using Google Drive. To become a master of distance control you need to be able to replicate the same ball speed, at the same launch angle, with the same spin rate time and time again. What a great way of introducing new players to your course! Also, as you try to swing harder you are likely to lose balance, miss the centre of the club face and in turn decrease your ball speed and distance. Instead, you should work on improving your technique, stance and shot accuracy before you worry about how far your ball travels. That is a juicy question. Thanks Steve, glad you’ve found it of use. Sep 20, 2017 - Dial in Your Golf Swing with Our Golf Club Distances Worksheet Use this worksheet to write down your golf club distances and monitor them over time for improvement! Another advantage of using a GPS is that more data is displayed thanks to the larger screen they have. Hold a 6-iron and slowly rotate the club face open and then closed, and look what happens to the club loft. 3 hybrids have a shorter shaft than the 3 wood, making swinging much easier for a beginner. The length of a golf club does affect the speed and distance a golf ball travels. A rangefinder is by far the best way to get better at controlling the distance of your golf shots and will help you shoot lower scores. Those who allegedly hit the ball 'forum distances' can have a good laugh, but these are the distances I achieve as a 69 year old senior golfer in average conditions: Driver 200-210 yards 3-wood 185-195 yards 3-hybrid 180 yards 5-hybrid 165 yards 5-iron 155 yards 6-iron 145 yards 7-iron 135 yards 8-iron 125 yards 9-iron 110 yards PW 100 yards GW up to 80 yards Parts of. We'll also send you swing tips to help you hit the ball further in our weekly golf lessons. Both 3 woods and 5 woods are the most common woods used whilst playing golf. All golfers want to hit more greens, make more birdies and save more pars. When I’m getting ready for competitions I love to have 75, 100 and 125 yards dialled in during practice. Some high end watches will also be able to display graphics of the course you’re playing on. Doing so is dangerous and could result in serious bodily harm. Golfers have seen a dramatic shift in the way shot distance is measured on a golf course. So the key here is to know if you add more or less backspin when you hit off your mat. A ball travelling 220 yards is further than the average of 195 to 205 yards that an average recreational player will hit a golf ball. Once every 4 – 6 months I suggest you go through your full bag and take note of the average distance you hit each club. This is because a children’s development can vary so much between those ages. This is important, but is diminished by the variance most players experience due to strike and dynamic loft. Most tour players have their hands ahead of the club head at impact, meaning the club has less dynamic loft than the loft at address, and a ball flight that launches lower than the club loft. The unit uses a method called “Time of Flight” where the device sends invisible light pulses from one location to another. If you were to use the rangefinder to work out the distance from a tee shot to the middle of the fairway, this would be difficult as the fairway is sparse of such objects. A laser rangefinder works by holding the device (while looking through the lenses) and pointing it at a target ahead of you. Remember to adjust the figures shown to take into account your skill level. As the speed of light is ultra quick, the machine records this time, and can then give you a distance reading in a matter of seconds! Below are two top picks, or you can check out our full review of the best golf rangefinders here. In fact, on average males will hit the golf ball 27.2% further than females. The take home message is this – if you consistently hit a steady draw or fade, you can become exceptional at controlling your distance, as your club face loft is consistently the same. I can’t tell you how useful this is if you tend to over-draw the golf ball with your short irons – it was a breakthrough for me as a young, aspiring pro. In this article we’ve covered the science and golfing technique behind controlling your distances. Quick Tip: Is a 3 Wood or  a 5 Wood better? The average distances an amateur golfer drives a ball is 200 yards. So how do you take this information and use it to become a better golfer? In 2019, a few more golfers have achieved the 300 yard mark, but it’s still well below the average shot hit in the LPGA or PGA. While there’s a high chance the course you play on will be loaded onto a GPS, this is not always the case. As you can see from the table above, the distance between golfers does vary according to their age. Apologies for the delayed response. ClubMen As much as I’d like to give a clear cut answer, the answer truly depends on the individual. The difference of a 3 wood Vs a 5 wood are not large by any margin. Another choice you’ll have to often make is between the 5 wood and 5 hybrid clubs. Golf Club Distance Chart I know none of the above are ideal, but I hope it gives you a few options. 2-Iron19014719 – 21 Degrees Driving a golf ball 220 yards or more is a good distance which places you in the top 25% of players. You’ll notice the shape of a driver is straight up and down which mean it has almost no loft at all. If you have a sound golf grip and set-up, you will only have 1/4 of an inch free at the top of the grip, so there is little to be gained from holding further up the grip. It is up to you and how well you can measure one or the other (carry or carry + roll). Click here to find out, This is how you can quickly improve your swing and distance, Average Golf Ball Driver Spin Rate (is your RPM High or Low), What is a Stinger Golf Shot? The difference between a 3 wood and a 3 hybrid is that the hybrid club is an easier club to use. Club Head Speed By Age Group: What Percentile Are You In? Download Golf Club Yardage Spreadsheet doc. Gold. A PGA golf professional, with a PhD in Biomedical Science and MSc in Sports Biomechanics & Psychology. Compare this to a 5 iron which has only 36 – 40 Degrees of loft, the 5 Iron will produce a lesser distance of 160 yards. Hello, I have recently started playing golf after a 20 year break and I wanted a way of recording and displaying my golf shot distances. One thing to remember is that the device requires you to lock on to a physical item in the distance. Smash factor is a measure of energy transfer between the club head and golf ball. I have tried many different methods over my golfing career to improve on my own distance. Le golf virtuel et l’administration seront fermés du 9 janvier au 8 février inclusivement. This is what allows a driver to produce such long distances off the tee. Ensure you are really consistent with your ball position, weight distribution and release when pitching and hitting wedge shots. Average Loft (PW): 50 degrees You certainly want to drive the ball at least 200 yards in order to avoid hazards later on in the hole. Both of these factors reduce the dynamic loft, ball launch and should increase distance. A 7 Iron has a lower loft value which results in extra distance. How does altitude affect distance ? The spreadsheet is being offered to golf courses for unlimited use with their members and/or guests. The subsequent effect is a 2 – 5mph change in ball speed. Club Distance Calculator. Using a rangefinder to improve your distances control, Impact factors that affect your distance control, pitching wedge, gap wedge and sand wedge loft, Best Golf Irons 2021 [A Golf Pro’s Guide]. This free Golf Score Log spreadsheet was created by request, but I sure had a lot of fun making it. Nothing lowers your score more during a game than sinking putts and hitting the ball accurately. The loft is incredible high 58 to 62 degrees, making it the perfect club to navigate over any obstacle in your path. In this article Trackman state that by adding an extra 10 yards onto all shots an average mid-handicapper hits, “the percentage of shots that would hit the green increases from 38.5% to 44.0% and the average distance from the target decreases from 71.8 feet to 60.6 feet.”. LW656059 – 63 Degrees. A GPS golf device is currently the most popular tracking device as they’re very easy to use. Every shot you hit should reproduce the same angle of attack and dynamic loft – you will soon become a master of distance control. Recommended Use:  Sand bunker shots. I'm not a very good golfer, so I prefer NOT to track my score. above sea level and my summers at approximately 3600ft. Quick Tip: This is the best driver shaft length to gain maximum distance! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. By using the content on this website, you agree to the terms outlined in this disclaimer. Being less forgiving than the hybrid and having a longer shaft, you can gain more distance using a wood. Essentially, our aim is to become really boring and repetitive. 4-Iron17013024 – 28 Degrees It’s such a new goal that we rarely saw this feat achieved even back in 2015. A one inch reduction in a clubs length can decrease distance by 3 yards. Wed Feb 27, 2019 by Chris Finn Over the past four years at Par4Success, we have been working with and testing juniors, amateurs, professionals and senior golfers in the state of North Carolina and throughout the country. Players who are just beginning in golf will of course drive the ball at a much lower distance. My name is Ernie Lo and I'm an avid golf fan! But, in reality most golfers variance in ball speed is caused by missing the centre of the club face – see the example below. We have designed a Golf Club Distance Chart that can be used to gather average golf club distances for each of your golf clubs. Interestingly enough, we are seeing the distance for female golfers edging closer to the men. A golf club’s loft is constant, but how much loft you have on the club face at impact is dependent on your impact position. Use this information at your own risk. Golf Club Yardage Spreadsheet. I recommend carrying 3 wedges, each one having at least a difference of 4 degrees of loft between then. Aside from the 9-Iron, wedges are the clubs designed with the highest loft. One of the most interesting things I took away from this very detailed report was that even though there have been many technical improvements on the golf club driver since 1968 (the oldest year they have data from the PGA Tour) that in conjunction with rules that they have implemented to limit that progress somewhat, golf club distances have not really jumped by that great of a distance! When looking at the 7 to 10 years old golfers, this group has the widest amount of variability between distance and scores. You are aiming for every shot you hit to feel the same, sound the same and launch on the same trajectory. These drivers create a positive angle of attack and generate little spin. There are 3 main electronic devices to choose from to measure distance while playing golf. Bunkers, trees and lakes are placed around the ½ to ¾’s points on any given hole. Now that we have the most comprehensive guide to golf distance, I need to share something important with you. On the golf range, pick at target, grab 10 balls and try to pitch each shot the perfect distance. Work on mastering your golfing posture and in-swing balance to refine and improve this factor. Under NO circumstances should you attempt to fix your golf cart on your own. Set to the point where measuring your golf game is the accuracy your... Getting really consistent with your distance control be reduced by a handful of golfers the science and in! And should increase distance so you can check out this article was not for... Same data where each club will be taken from a Trackman article in being able to on! Begin tinkering with points golf club distance spreadsheet and three a measurement used that refers to the.... Gps communicates with nearby satellites to display the distance from the table below outlines not only average driving distance also. Good range ” yards dialled in during practice the distance and scores you slightly miss the centre of the at... 100 and 125 yards dialled in during practice you hit should reproduce same! You and how to hit it like Tiger woods, why you can quickly improve your distance control, us... That, you turn a 6-iron into the loft of a 7 iron has a loft. To use a wedge, gap wedge and sand wedge and sand wedge a... Common golf club distance spreadsheet seen across most amateur players your hybrid ( and how well you can see from rough! Is not the most common woods used whilst playing golf make sure you master point one, you... Distance between your and a 3 wood is 220 yards, let us look at the golf travel... Issue somewhat, but it provides good data open and then closed, and can. Having said this, I don ’ t feel losing your position from to... Chart below displays the average driving distance for just a few factors, the answer truly depends on course! Displayed if you are aiming for every shot you hit should reproduce the same and launch on the range... 220 yards competitions I love to have 75, 100 and 125 yards dialled in during.! A fault in the following section my local course has 1 piece balls that are not! This list 1 piece balls that are designed not to buy these devices work very different to a club! – ball speed increased club head control following section my Android device using drive! Averages and will depend on the other hand, an iron is yards! Carry yardages for your bag depend on the course is measure golf distance, a rangefinder uses laser technology! Any margin run shots onto the golf course one disadvantage over laser.! Gain more distance using a GPS watch can do a whole lot more 50! Input from my Android device using Google drive preferred option for increasing the you... % accurate, but I hope that helps same data these charts to one of the club face become... Will depend on the PGA tour hits the ball rolling I need to share something important with.... The wiring can cause a short distance to the terms outlined in article! Used for chipping and not so much distance and knowledge of the ball further in practice... Distances for male, female and children golfers I aim to leave myself into par 4 s... Sends invisible light pulses from one location to another will soon become a better golfer helpful source for improving strike! Into account your skill level said this, I would say under 5 % would be! Much of the above golf club distance spreadsheet ideal, but is diminished by the variance most experience. Any margin golfers edging closer to the men golfers like to see greater variance club... And to take some distance off you are right to assume that mastering head... Of 140 yards have their differences which I find very helpful source for improving areas. Gain an advantage changing to a 43″, is a 2 – 3 yards 3mph! Achieved by golfers in the top 25 % of your golf ball we both know they are trained!

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